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You are being held prisoner in luxurious Victorian-style mansion. In order to make a way out you will have to unveil all the mysteries the manipulating maniac calling himself the Puppet Master hides behind his madness.

  • Over 5000 plot-driven quests

  • 20 unique characters with their own individual stories

  • Dense atmosphere of intricate Victorian detective fiction

  • 2 rival factions — 2 alternative storylines

  • 21 highly detailed locations to explore

  • 9 game modes to master

  • Over 700 in-game items to help you against all odds

  • The ultimate hidden object adventure already appraised by millions of gamers worldwide

«Dramatic atmosphere, stylish and detailed visuals as well as atmospheric sounds give an impression of classic Agatha Christie’s detective stories turned into a game.»


«The Panic Room goes a little bit further than ordinary HOG-title would.»